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People Power: Marion Dalex, Sales Manager

Marion Dalex joined IFTS in May 2011 and after being in charge of sales for Cleanliness Testing and then Filter Tests and Filter Test Stands, she was promoted to Sales Manager.

Marion Dalex, IFTS Sales Manager

Marion Dalex, IFTS Sales Manager

In her current role she manages a team of two Sales Engineers, one Account Manager, and one Sales Assistant. Dalex is directly in charge of filter testing and test stands with a special focus on international sales.

“The international activity at IFTS is quite important and it is a real pleasure to be in contact with people from many different cultural backgrounds,” says Dalex. “It is quite rewarding to follow our customer projects from the initial development testing until quality control tests.”

Before joining IFTS she worked as a Project Manager at a communication and events agency. Dalex has a Master’s Degree in Modern Languages and International Business/Trade and is multilingual. She speaks French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently.

People Power: Thierry Courtois, Expert In Membrane Processes


Thierry Courtois, Expert In Membrane Processes at IFTS in Agen, France.

Thierry Courtois joined IFTS in January 2013 to develop a new department focused on Membrane Separation (PSM). He brings 25 years of experience in the field.

He is responsible for the characterization and testing of technical and economical case studies of membrane applications.

An expert in the evaluation of membrane pore sizes, this knowledge is now integrated at IFTS and is offered as a standard commercial service.

IFTS is involved in European, National and local research and development projects including the development of a full-scale water treatment testing pilot plant for municipal wastewater and drinking water production.

Courtois studied Chemical Process Engineering and earned a PhD in Membrane Filtration Processes.

People Power: Hafedh Saidani, Deputy Test Manager

Hafedh Saidani joined IFTS in February 2010 as a Research and Test Engineer.

Hafedh Saidani, Deputy Test Manager at IFTS in Agen, France.

In July, he was promoted to Deputy Test Manager and works under the direction of Test Manager Nicolas Petillion. He is responsible for interpreting test results, writing reports, and handling test preparation.

Saidani is currently researching the secondary calibration bottle for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and a new submicron filter test method.

After studying Chemical Engineering, he earned a PhD in Process Engineering from the University of Montpellier 2 Sciences and Technologies.

People Power: Romain Coumau, Test Stand Customer Support

To bolster growing test stand sales, Romain Coumau joined IFTS in February.

Romain Coumau, Test Stand Customer Support at IFTS in Agen, France.

Romain Coumau, Test Stand Customer Support at IFTS in Agen, France.

Working under the direction of Sales Manager Marion Dalex, Romain works with test stand customers on all matters including, drafting technical documentation (validation reports and user guides), coordinating installing on site at customers’ locations and providing support.

If a problem arises with an IFTS-manufactured test stand, Coumau determines the cause of the problem and sets recovery actions in place.

Coumau graduated from the National Engineering School of Tarbes (ENIT) and brings three years of aerospace customer support experience to his new role at IFTS.

Vincent Edery Becomes General Manager of IFTS

On June 25 IFTS held its General Assembly meeting where attendees witnessed the handover of General Manager from Christophe Peuchot to Vincent Edery.Vincent Edery, the recently appointed General Manager of IFTS.

Vincent Edery, the recently appointed General Manager of IFTS.

Vincent Edery, the recently appointed General Manager of IFTS.

Peuchot joined IFTS in 1982 and has worked to grow the company and position IFTS as a leader in the filtration and separations industry. He will still be part of the IFTS team and will continue to work on developing membrane separation resources and services.

Edery most recently served as Deputy General Manager. In his new role he will be in charge of all commercial and operational activities, work to build customer satisfaction, and create new opportunities for development. Edery’s ultimate goal is for IFTS to have worldwide recognition as the reference filter test bench manufacturer.

People Power: Nicolas Petillon, Test Manager

Nicolas Petillon, Test Manager at IFTS in Agen, France.

Nicolas Petillon, Test Manager at IFTS in Agen, France.

Meet IFTS’ Global Team:

For the last 15 years, Nicolas has been working in an international and multidisciplinary environment to qualify liquid filters.

As manager of LMC and CEEF, he is in daily contact with international professionals ranging from nuclear, aeronautic and chemical industries to help them develop and select their best-suited filters and to control the cleanliness of their components. To qualify their filters and their components, he uses the most accurate counting particle technologies from 0.1 to 1000 ┬Ám.

Nicolas has developed worldwide-recognized expertise in filtration and has become an advisor on filter technology to ISO committees.

People Power: Sylvie Martinet, Quality Manager


Sylvie Martinet, Quality Manager at IFTS in Agen, France.

Meet IFTS’ global team

When Sylvie Martinet rejoined IFTS in 2002, she brought 10 years experience working for businesses of many sectors and sizes with her.

Her first mission was to put System Quality in accordance with ISO 17025. IFTS was audited by COFRAC and now has the ISO accreditation.

Sylvie works with the entire IFTS team to continuously improve quality and to gain the satisfaction of all customers.