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Our Capabilities: Measurement of Particulate Contamination in Liquids

IFTS can count particles of all types (chips, fibers, black grains, dusts, etc.) for all industrial sectors. comptage particules dans liquides

This includes:
-Particles sized between
0.1 and 1000 ┬Ám
-With several detection principles: absorption or diffusion of light, microscopy, resistance variation…
– In accordance with all current standards: ISO 11500, USP<788>, PE 2.9.19, ISO 4407, NF E 48-658, NF E 48-651, ISO 21018, ISO 21501…
– In all liquids: fuels, lubricants, injection solutions, drinking and industrial water, hydraulic fluids
– In all concentrations (from ultra-pure liquids to used engine oils)

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IFTS has the following in stock for filter labs:

SCS400 Secondary Calibration Fluids; $275 per bottle.
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ISO 16332 Water Emulsion Device used to test diesel fuel filter water separation efficiency; $1,475 each.
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Aperture Holder: ISO 16332 Annex B Emulsion Generator

IFTS, Inc. has specially designed an ISO 16332 Annex B Emulsion Generator used to test diesel fuel filter water separation efficiency.

The device produces water droplet size distributions found in real diesel fuel systems, such as pressure and suction filters.

It has been approved world wide by experts in fuel filtration and is already in use.

The aperture holder is easy to use and fits all kinds of fuel filter circuits.

Aperture plates, left, and aperture holder used for water removal efficiency procedure.

IFTS, Inc. President speaks at AFS Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting

IFTS, Inc. USA’s President Gerard J. Lynch, P.E. was a speaker at the American Filtration & Separations Society’s (AFS) Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting on September 18th. Lynch presented “The Development and Validation of Low Micron Efficiency Testing Standards” at the conference held at Graver Technologies located in Newark, Delaware.

To address the increasing demand from the filtration industry and new applications in sub micron / low micron filtration, IFTS had implemented an internal project to develop a test bench for filters and filter media with a filtration threshold from 200 nm to 1500 nm.

The sub micron test lab at IFTS in Agen, France.

More and more industry partners have shown interest in validation methods for this level of filtration, including the design of the ultrafiltration membranes, antibacterial filters, nuclear power, and semiconductors.

The new sub micron test method has now been calibrated and validated and several clients have moved forward with using these tests.

The annual AFS Mid-Atlantic Chapter includes members from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, southern New York and Pennsylvania. Lynch has been the President of this chapter since 1999.

IFTS, Inc.: Exclusive supplier of the NIST

This year IFTS, Inc. was chosen by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to be their exclusive supplier for SRM 2608b Primary Calibration Fluids.

Expanding on this expertise, IFTS, Inc. is now offering SCS/400 ml secondary calibration fluid. Bottles will be sold to calibrate Automatic Particle Counters per ISO 11171.

SRM 2806b Primary Calibration Fluids