About Us

International Filter Testing Services (IFTS) is an independently regulated ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and research center focusing on liquid filtration and separation science. IFTS has locations in Europe, USA and China, providing filtration testing and research services for many industries. The management at IFTS has compiled a world-class team of scientists, engineers and technicians in the field of Solid- Liquid Separation (SLS).marine, filtration, consumer products and other sectors.

Contact us:
Telephone: (732) 629-7548
Facsimile:   (732) 629-7556
Email:          info@ifts-usa.com

Mailing address:
IFTS, Inc.
200 Pond Avenue
Middlesex, New Jersey 08846 USA

Learn more about us at our company website: http://www.ifts-usa.com

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