Our Capabilities: Measurement of Particulate Contamination in Liquids

IFTS can count particles of all types (chips, fibers, black grains, dusts, etc.) for all industrial sectors. comptage particules dans liquides

This includes:
-Particles sized between
0.1 and 1000 µm
-With several detection principles: absorption or diffusion of light, microscopy, resistance variation…
– In accordance with all current standards: ISO 11500, USP<788>, PE 2.9.19, ISO 4407, NF E 48-658, NF E 48-651, ISO 21018, ISO 21501…
– In all liquids: fuels, lubricants, injection solutions, drinking and industrial water, hydraulic fluids
– In all concentrations (from ultra-pure liquids to used engine oils)

To learn more about IFTS Inc.’s filter testing services, please visit: http://www.ifts-usa.com/filter-testing-services.php

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