Introducing the EDGE (Electro Droplet Generator)

IFTSScreen shot 2016-05-23 at 10.36.03 PM has created a line of EDGE (Electro Droplet Generator) equipment. These filter accessories are the result of extensive studies on electric prototypes found in water droplets by the IFTS Research Program. This premier generator adjusts its sectional hole to allow for fluid to pass through. The upstream diesel spray passes through the hole, following a predetermined size distribution of droplets.

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NOW AVAILABLE: Liquid-Liquid Porometers

IFTS is pleased to announce the launch of its all-new Liquid-Liquid Porometers.  This leading system will help meet all of your liquid measuring needs with precise accuracy.  The advanced Porometer has the ability to measure pore size distribution, mean pore diameter, gas and liquid permeability, as well as droplet point and bubble point. Pore size range from 300 um down to 0.002 um (2nm). Membrane Manufacturers, Research Institutions and those in the Biochemical Industries will find these porometers especially useful.  Implemented alongside membrane modules and other filtering media, the Fluid-Fluid Poromoter will absolutely increase efficiency and productivity in the laboratory.
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Air Quality in Aircraft Cabins: A Study

An important study on air quality issues on airplanes is about to take off!

On March 17, the first ever meeting of the CEN TC 436 Standardization Committee took place at the French Standardization Office for Aeronautics and Space in Paris, France. At this event, IFTS was awarded the President’s Standard Award for studies on Air Quality and Chemical Contamination in Aircraft Cabins.  Currently the CEN TC 436 Committee is developing a standard that will set the regulation for acceptable chemical compound concentration levels in aircrafts.  The study will also discover methods for sampling and testing potential contamination in aircrafts and help enforce air quality standards.  Individuals working within aircraft cabins (ex: pilots, crew members) will be particularly influenced by these findings, as well as Aircraft Manufacturers and Aircrew Unions.

Introducing: IFTS Asia!

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 10.30.25 AM

We are happy to announce that an IFTS facility has been opened in China.  For six years, we’ve worked closely with our team in China and are proud to have a permanent location in the region. The 3500 square-foot laboratory is now open and located at 825 Ningqiao Road in the Pudong district of Shanghai.

Zhigang Wu has been our China representative for six years and is now officially the branch manager.  Marie-Alice Scheblig, our International Business Representative, will join Wu in Shanghai for two years.

There will soon be an established laboratory space dedicated to testing the performance of oil and fuel filters, as well as the level of cleanliness.  The space will also include filter test equipment for water-diesel separation. All of these facilities will be fully operating by the end of the year.

An official opening ceremony will be announced soon.  We hope that you will join us in celebrating our latest endeavor!

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Control of Filters for Residential Water Systems

residential water systems

An example of a system with five stages of treatment.

IFTS, with its extensive knowledge in Filter Testing and Chemical Water Analysis, has the ability to test cartridge filters, reverse osmosis modules, and treating devices found on water circuits in homes and residential buildings.

Testing detects and reduces the following polluting compounds:

  • Unwanted Elements (hardness, chlorine, nitrate)
  • Metallic Mircopollutants (copper, lead, nickel)
  • Organic Micropollutants (hydrocarbons, pesticides)

Samples are taken regularly for several weeks or months. For further information or for a quotation, please contact IFTS Sales Manager Marion Dalex at

People Power: Marion Dalex, Sales Manager

Marion Dalex joined IFTS in May 2011 and after being in charge of sales for Cleanliness Testing and then Filter Tests and Filter Test Stands, she was promoted to Sales Manager.

Marion Dalex, IFTS Sales Manager

Marion Dalex, IFTS Sales Manager

In her current role she manages a team of two Sales Engineers, one Account Manager, and one Sales Assistant. Dalex is directly in charge of filter testing and test stands with a special focus on international sales.

“The international activity at IFTS is quite important and it is a real pleasure to be in contact with people from many different cultural backgrounds,” says Dalex. “It is quite rewarding to follow our customer projects from the initial development testing until quality control tests.”

Before joining IFTS she worked as a Project Manager at a communication and events agency. Dalex has a Master’s Degree in Modern Languages and International Business/Trade and is multilingual. She speaks French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently.

IFTS Presents Short Course at AFS Spring Conference

The American Filtration & Separations Society’s (AFS) annual Spring Conference was held in Houston, Texas from March 24-26th. The conference was focused around the topics of Oil & Gas and Chemical Processing.

IFTS, Inc. USA President Jerry Lynch, left, and IFTS Agen Managing Director Vincent Edery, center, speak with an attendee at the IFTS tabletop exhibit.

IFTS, Inc. USA President Jerry Lynch, left, and IFTS France Managing Director Vincent Edery, center, speak with an attendee at the IFTS tabletop exhibit.

President of IFTS, Inc. USA, Jerry Lynch, presented a half-day course on liquid filtration testing and test methods.

Vincent Edery, IFTS Managing Director and Pascal Ginisty, Manager of Research and Technical Studies in Agen, France presented an overview of devices, methods and standards used in Liquid Solid Separation and applications for oil and chemical processing. The methodologies and tools used by IFTS to face these challenges were discussed along with examples of results obtained in various pilot programs and applications.

Approximately 230 participants attended the three-day conference held at the Houston Marriott Westchase.

The 2014 AFS Fall Conference ‘Next Generation Filter Media Conference, Embracing Future Challenges’ will be held in Chicago, Illinois from October 14-15th.

Urea Filter Testing

Based on industry demands, IFTS has developed a method for testing urea filters.

A vigorous experimental program lasting over two years, IFTS developed a method of continuous filtration which does not block the injection pumps of the solution in the urea filter.

IFTS’ proven filter testing expertise can benefit companies who need an urea filter tested quickly and precisely.

Examples of Urea Filters

Examples of Urea Filters

Filtration and Separation Pilot Units

IFTS Pilot Units are used for confirming Solid/Liquid or Membrane Separation test results and can be used on-site at a customer’s industrial location.

IFTS has the following technologies available for pilot test programs:

  • Lamellar Decanter
  • Centrifugal Decanter
  • Disk Separator
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Filters with Cartridges, Bags and Candles
  • Deep Bed Filters
  • Filter Press
  • Rotary Drum Filter
  • Centrifuge Filter
  • Filters with Membranes

pilot units



People Power: Thierry Courtois, Expert In Membrane Processes


Thierry Courtois, Expert In Membrane Processes at IFTS in Agen, France.

Thierry Courtois joined IFTS in January 2013 to develop a new department focused on Membrane Separation (PSM). He brings 25 years of experience in the field.

He is responsible for the characterization and testing of technical and economical case studies of membrane applications.

An expert in the evaluation of membrane pore sizes, this knowledge is now integrated at IFTS and is offered as a standard commercial service.

IFTS is involved in European, National and local research and development projects including the development of a full-scale water treatment testing pilot plant for municipal wastewater and drinking water production.

Courtois studied Chemical Process Engineering and earned a PhD in Membrane Filtration Processes.